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Heritage Lawn Care, Inc was founded by Brian Swiney in 1989 as a landscaping small business. Over the past 30 years the small business has evolved into a thriving professional Horticulture company that still maintains the local small business mentality. Heritage puts huge efforts on customer service and takes great pride in its work and its employees. 

A little more about us...

We love plants! Not only are we well versed with everything Horticulture and landscape but if you happen to stump us we will be sure to find the answers for 

you! We love to learn and as a team our knowledge is vast. In fact one of our greatest desires is to equip our employees with all they need to be successful at their

job and encourage them to never stop learning! 

We want to be Ann Arbor's most trusted Horticulture Service and you are

the biggest part of that!

Check out our Services Page to see what we take pride in

Our Mission

Heritage Lawn Care seeks to serve its community with pride and passionately express our love for landscape. Our main goal is customer satisfaction along with educating our customers about our landscape practices and what's best for their landscape environment. We always strive to care for our employees and equip them with the skills, knowledge and tools to be successful as individuals and in their career. 

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