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Stop and Smell the Roses...


Seasonal container design is our favorite! We love being creative, four times a             year, to provide a new look for your home or business! Summer offers

           bright color with lush large plants while the transition to fall will                            offer cozy, end of season warm tones. When winter arrives we switch                      your containers to wintery evergreen cuttings with a Holiday 

                    touch, if desired. Then spring will refresh our senses with new                              growth and cool season flowers.

IMG_7222 2.JPG
Christmas Decorations

We can set you up with a water regiment or we cant count on your to keep the plants thriving through the seasons!

Our large scale and commercial annual plantings are nothing you can simply...pass by. Not only will we provide the seasonal changes, we will also keep up of the fertilizing and watering as needed as a package price.

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